Our Philosophy

Vision and Mission

The Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine was founded on a very specific philosophy, embodied by what we believe the ideal modern day naturopathic physician must be and which is articulated as:

One who will have a truly caring nature and a genuine desire to serve, who will commit to the ongoing practice of self-reflection and personal growth, and who will have a passionate belief in the efficacy of complementary medicine and a commitment to leading our world toward sustainable health.

The Institute’s founders understood clearly that in order to promote the development of the type of naturopathic physician envisioned, our program must be intentionally created on principles of inclusion, integrity, safety, respect, academic freedom, self-responsibility and innovation.

It was understood that we were creating a community in which each member felt heard, valued and supported on their journey of self-discovery and academic exploration. It was a conscious decision to steer away from the large, anonymous university model of instruction and to plan instead for small, intimate classes that allow maximum interaction among and between students and faculty. Interactive case-based instructional methods are utilized to fully engage all students, regardless of their particular learning style, and to foster critical thinking skills and clinical analysis from the first year onward.

The small class, mentorship model of instruction at Boucher supports and fosters the development of the envisioned ideal physician by providing an intensive but nurturing and highly interactive learning environment; one that invites the naturopathic student to face their deepest motives, to take full advantage of the many learning opportunities both in and out of class, and to take responsibility for their ongoing personal and professional development, both at the institute and as a lifetime member of the naturopathic profession.


Our Vision

Naturopathic Medicine is a pillar in the maintenance of a strong and healthy society.

Our Mission

To advance the science, practice and knowledge of Naturopathic Medicine through education, research, patient care, outreach, partnering and advocacy.

Our Goals

Education and Research

  • To provide an outstanding student experience through a distinctive education in the art and science of naturopathic medicine that remains true the roots of naturopathic medicine.
  • To recruit, retain and train well qualified and passionate faculty and staff
  • To cultivate and participate in naturopathic medical research and evidence informed practice

Patient Care and Community Outreach

  • To provide safe, effective, evidence informed patient care that integrates naturopathic principles and philosophy
  • To engage in community volunteerism and support underserved populations
  • To serve the health care needs of the public

Partnering and Advocacy

  • To establish a reputation as a reliable information resource regarding current preventive, holistic and primary health-care practices
  • To partner with individuals and organizations who seek to support the institute and promote the benefits of naturopathic medicine
  • To advocate for an approach to health care that supports the career advancement of Boucher graduates and informs the public and policy makers as to the medical, social and economic benefits of naturopathic medicine

To develop, implement and maintain an institutional success and sustainability plan