Our Philosophy

Vision and Mission

The Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine was founded on the belief the ideal modern-day naturopathic physician is a person who embodies the below tenets:

One who will have a truly caring nature and a genuine desire to serve, who will commit to the ongoing practice of self-reflection and personal growth, and who will have a passionate belief in the efficacy of complementary medicine and a commitment to leading our world toward sustainable health.


Boucher’s founders knew that in order to facilitate the development of such physicians, the program would need to be built on strong foundational principles. The founders valued inclusion, integrity, safety, respect, academic freedom, self-responsibility, and innovation in their own practices – these would become the guiding ethics of the Boucher Institute. Through careful implementation of these tenets, the Boucher Institute has grown into a community where members feel heard, and are encouraged to use their education as an opportunity for self and academic exploration.

With intimate class sizes and a highly selective cohort of students, pupils are given maximum opportunity to interact with their peers and their teachers. Classes are comprised of interactive instruction in an effort to connect with and challenge the students, fostering critical analytical skills from the first year of study. Throughout their studies, students are encouraged to explore their learning opportunities inside and outside the classroom – a skill that will serve them well beyond their graduation and into their life as a naturopathic doctor.

At Boucher, we give students the tools they need to uphold the intrinsic well-being of their patients, and to educate the wider community about the symbiosis of their mind, body, and spirit.

The practice of naturopathic medicine is evolving and we, as an educational institution, must
anticipate future changes. Our strategic plan (2017-2021) is a review of our existing
priorities, identification of our institutional stakeholders, determination of our core values,
strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and more. These results have been distilled into a series
of goals and priorities intended to focus our attention over the next five years.

Our Vision

Naturopathic Medicine as a pillar in the maintenance of a strong and healthy society.

Our Mission

To advance the science, practice, and knowledge of Naturopathic Medicine through outstanding education, research, patient care, outreach, partnering and advocacy.

Our Goals

Education and Research

  • At Boucher, we strive to provide an outstanding student experience through a distinctive education in the art and science of naturopathic medicine, with special attention paid to the roots of naturopathic medicine.
  • We work to recruit, retain, and train highly-qualified and passionate faculty and staff.
  • To cultivate and participate in naturopathic medical research and evidence-informed practice.

Patient Care and Community Outreach

  • We pledge to provide safe, effective, evidence-informed patient care that integrates our naturopathic principles and philosophy.
  • To create a culture that champions engagement in community volunteerism and the support of underserved populations.
  • Serving the healthcare needs of the public, and treating them in a holistic manner.

Partnering and Advocacy

  • We endeavor to honor our reputation as a reliable information resource regarding current preventive, holistic and primary health-care practices.
  • To partner with individuals and organizations who seek to support the institute and promote the benefits of naturopathic medicine.
  • Our staff and faculty advocate for an approach to health care that supports the career advancement of Boucher graduates, and informs the public and policy makers as to the medical, social and economic benefits of naturopathic medicine.
  • To develop, implement and maintain an institutional success and sustainability plan.  Organizational sustainability requires responsible stewardship of Boucher’s finances ensuring a long term and responsible approach to asset deployment.