Research at Boucher

Research is a central component of our mission at the Boucher Institute. With a mandate to "reflect, support and conduct research in evidence-based natural medicine," the research department opened its doors in November 2006.

Enhancing research knowledge in the naturopathic profession remains a priority for the department, as policy makers, health care professionals and consumers continue to look for more evidence-based practices.

The Research Department has developed an innovative educational program that aims to equip students with the knowledge and ability to make unique contributions towards the investigation, evaluation and development of the principles and practices of Naturopathic Medicine.

In depth instruction and training in research literacy skills geared to the practice of evidence-based Naturopathic Medicine are taught to ensure our graduates will not only excel as physicians, but as future naturopathic medical researchers.

Our research agenda also involves supporting research within the naturopathic field, including:

  • Providing professional development workshops in research
  • Consulting on research methods
  • Assisting with research proposal writing
  • Assisting researchers locate funding
  • Facilitating research partnerships among faculty and staff
  • Facilitating collaboration with external organizations and institutions

Research Results