Preceptor Program Overview

In keeping with CCNM-Boucher Campus’ commitment to mentorship models of learning, as part of the naturopathic medical curriculum, all students must fulfill 125 preceptor hours as part of their clinical education. A minimum of 50 of these hours must be with licensed naturopathic physicians (at least 4 different physicians). The remaining 75 hours may be attained with licensed naturopathic physicians or any regulated health care professional. 

The preceptor program occurs in community training sites. The on-site observation takes place in the office of a preceptor; a practicing physician who teaches the student during the course of their regular practice. CCNM-Boucher Campus must approve each clinical site and retains the responsibility for student training and evaluation. Preceptor sites are located throughout North America. In clinical preceptorships, students will observe patients in various settings, under the supervision of the regulated health care provider (ie. ND, MD, nurse, chiropractor, physiotherapist). 

The goals of the preceptor program at CCNM-Boucher Campus are as follows: 

  • To expose students to diverse forms of health care and clinical practice which may not be taught or emphasized in curriculum at CCNM-Boucher Campus
  • To expose students to a variety of practice management strategies and styles. 
  • To provide networking opportunity to students before they are in a professional role, which may lead to job placement and/or mentorship in regards to patient care. 

Learning the core knowledge, skills and professionalism for naturopathic practice is reinforced by primary care preceptorships. The learning objectives for the preceptor program are: 

  • Develop effective listening and communication skills with patients, peers and supervisors. 
  • Demonstrate professional behavior and attitudes. 
  • Understand sensitivity and responsiveness to each patient, and recognize the influence of culture, age, gender, and abilities in each patient interaction. 
  • Demonstrate respect for self and others. 
  • Understand the role of naturopathic physicians in the health care system. 
  • Develop inter-professional relationships.

For more information about becoming a preceptor or the program, please contact: 

Ellen Kolvers
Clinical Studies Coordinator
604-777-9981, Extension 231