Assistant Director of Admissions

    POSITION TITLE:  Assistant Director of Admissions

    REPORTS TO:         Dean of Student Services

    SALARY:                  $40,000

    CLOSING DATE:    September 8, 2017


    The successful candidate must have a post-secondary degree with a minimum of two years experience in student recruiting/marketing, educational administration, and/or educational outreach.  We are seeking a hands-on leader who has excellent communication and organizational skills, demonstrates creativity and initiative, and possesses strong teamwork abilities.  The successful candidate will be a confident and experienced public speaker.  An understanding of naturopathic medicine would be an asset.  Access to a vehicle is essential as travel is required.  On occasion there may be work off-site and during weekends and evenings.


    Reporting to the Dean of Student Services the Assistant Director of Admissions assists in managing and directing the functions of the Admissions Department of the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine. He or she performs key coordinating and relationship building functions in areas of outreach, recruitment, and marketing. This position works in a collaborative manner with colleagues across the Institute to develop and implement student marketing and recruitment strategies. General duties and responsibilities are outlined below; however, from time to time additional duties may be assigned by the Dean of Student Services according to the needs of the Institute.


    1. Develops marketing/recruitment plans and makes recommendations for enrolment growth.
    2. Organizes and delivers internal recruitment events such as open houses, information sessions and student for a day events.
    3. Explores, schedules and books arrangements for off‐site recruitments events, such as grad school fairs across Canada.
    4. Explores additional recruitment opportunities with other organizations, such as senior secondary schools, post-secondary institutions, and community organizations and at other relevant public events.
    5. Participates in Marketing Committee meetings.
    6. Manages the recruitment and career fairs budget in collaboration with the Dean.
    7. Responsible for helping design, produce and replenish recruitment materials such as pop up banners, brochures and swag in collaboration with the Marketing Department.
    8. Responsible for overseeing and submitting updates to the webmaster for all Admissions web pages on and sending content updates for the Boucher landing page on the AANMC site.
    9. Participates as a member of the Association of Accredited Naturopathic Medical Colleges (AANMC) Marketing Group as required.
    10. Makes recommendations for modifications to program admissions requirements and the admissions process.
    11. Supports the Dean in ensuring that all policies and procedures relating to admissions and recruitment are conducted in accordance with federal and provincial laws and compliant with the standards of various regulatory bodies, such as PTIB and the CNME.
    12. Performs preliminary evaluation of prospective student and new applicant transcripts and confirm that credentials, language proficiency, advanced standing, transfer application and prior credit recognition requirements have been met, and refer any outstanding issues to the Dean or an Academic advisor for review.
    13. Screens and discusses eligible candidates with the Admissions Committee; recommends interviewees, arranges, schedules and conducts interviews.
    14. Discusses final stage applicants with the Admissions Committee.
    15. Ensures the creation and maintenance of accurate student files. Conducts an audit of all newly enrolled students prior to matriculation to ensure all admission requirements have been satisfied.
    16. Ensures the creation, implementation and maintenance of admissions forms, documents and systems for tracking and monitoring student activities/requirements including but not limited to: enrolment contracts and contact information through Orbund and the Naturopathic Doctors Central Application Service.
    17. Maintains and provides admissions reports and ongoing statistical information as needed for accreditation reports, in-house reports, etc.
    18. Oversees the provision of front-line services to students in the areas of student recruitment and admissions:
      1. Responds to student inquiries in a timely and professional manner.
      2. Schedules and conducts information consultations with prospective students and their support committees.  Evaluates prospective student’s needs, interests and qualifications while providing clear and concise information to help the prospective student make an informed decision to attend or not attend the school.
      3. Presents information regarding the school’s programs, mission, vision, services, financial aid, and tuition fees etc. in a factual, accurate and ethical manner.
      4. Professionally assists prospective students through the admissions process in accordance with all applicable school policies and procedures, and in compliance with all accrediting standards and requirements.
      5. Reviews prospective student transcripts to advise on satisfaction of prerequisites and evaluate eligibility for the program.
      6. Manages the student ambassador program and facilitates tours for prospective students throughout the campus.
      7. Assists with planning and execution of Orientation.
      8. Responsible for updating and distributing admissions materials, such as application forms and supporting application documents, the New Student Guide and other admissions documents.

    To apply for this position please send your CV and cover letter to