We recently held our 3rd Annual Awards and Recognition Ceremony. This was a celebration of the achievement and extracurricular involvement of members of our amazing student community through the awarding of scholarships, bursaries, and other awards. The awards and recipients included:

Dr. Nicole Robinson Memorial Award

The Dr. Nicole Robinson Memorial Award was established to honour and keep alive the memory of a
beloved Boucher Institute alumna who passed away shortly after her graduation in 2006. Nicole was a
vibrant, involved student who loved Boucher and was passionate about naturopathic medicine.
She is greatly missed. This $5000 award is one of the most prestigious offered at Boucher.

2017 Recipient: Ryan Best

The photo at the top of this page shows Ryan receiving his award from Bill Robinson.

Dr. Wolfe Scholarship

Through her wisdom, compassion and dedication, Dr. Wolfe has helped to create a community of contemplative and self-reflective leaders and healers. As a tribute to her enduring legacy at this institution, the Dr. Patricia Wolfe Scholarships are awarded to first-year students who best demonstrate a commitment to engaging the community, and embodies self-reflection and contemplative values in their lives. This scholarship is worth $2,500.

Fall 2016 Recipient: Alexandra Dragan

Winter 2017 Recipient: Adam Godkin

Dr. Gregory Wayne Prytula Memorial Bursary

This $1000 bursary is awarded to the student who best demonstrates his/her personal sacrifices made to join this program. There was a tie this year, with two recipients receiving $500 each.

2017 Recipients: Alexandria Bauer and Adam Godkin

2nd Year NaturoMedic.com Bursary

This $1000 bursary is awarded to the student who most successfully balances volunteer work, employment and student life and demonstrates his/her efforts to minimize debt.

2017 Recipient: Shawn Peters

3rd Year NaturoMedic.com Bursary

This $1000 bursary is awarded to the student who has most successfully mastered the language of naturopathic modalities.

2017 Recipient: Kristal Rama

4th Year NaturoMedic.com Bursary

This $1000 bursary is awarded to the student who has educated himself/herself in therapies beyond the required courses at the Boucher Institute to expand his/her scope of practice.

2017 Recipient: Dorothy Dunphy

Boucher 4th Year Bursary

This Boucher $5000 bursary is awarded to a 4th year student who has demonstrated financial need, has been employed during the program, and has a solid plan for repaying student debt after graduation. There was a tie this year, with two recipients receiving $2500 each.

2017 Recipients: Dorothy Dunphy and Kay Wong

Naturopathic Medical Student Association Canadian Naturopathic Medical Student of the Year

2016 Recipient: Sophia Vathracoulis

NPLEX Bursary

Dr. Jayson Grossman teaches the ever popular NPLEX prep courses and donates the funds for this annual bursary.

2017 Recipient: Jacalyn Sieben

Naturopathic Medical Student Association’s Bragg Health Science Scholarships

This $2000 nutrition-focused scholarship is for top naturopathic medical students selected from amongst all NMSA members throughout North America.

2016 Recipients: Mashael Mawji and Kay Wong

2017 Recipients: Kristal Rama and Sophia Vathracoulis


Each year, a team of five Boucher students head south of the border to test their knowledge against the other Naturopathic Medicine schools.

2016 Team Participants: Dr. Drew Jamieson (Coach), Sophia Vathracoulis (NMSA Rep.), Jordan Morton, Rory Gibbons, Tanner Alden, Jenna Waddy, and Dr. Carlie Reidlinger (who won the All-Star Award for Team Boucher).

Boucher Dust Bowl

The longest running Boucher tournament is the Dust Bowl. Born from the dusty confines of the Boucher basement, this hack fest has been running annually since 2010.

Winning Team: “Boucher Beasts”: Jordan Morton, Patrick Bartoshyk, Mason Bresett, Braedon Cashion, Luke Mountjoy, Rachelle Walker and Julius Mapa.

Boucher Ping Pong Tournament

Back by popular demand and in its second year, the tournament had three tiers (casual, intermediate and advanced).

Advanced Tier Winner: Graham Sigalet

Intermediate Tier Winner: Randi Brown

Casual Tier Winner: Theaj Niehhar

Boucher Soccer Tournament

Winning Team: “Spitting Llama”: Ashley Damm, Brett Orser, Alexandra Dragan, and Afshin Banderas.

Recognition awards were also presented to James Lowe and Albert Kaan for getting the Wellness Program going, Graham Sigalet and Elena Fenske for their amazing work as Wellness Coordinators, Elena Fenske  for her hard work in the bookstore, and Michaela Johnson for her contributions as Social Coordinator.

Special recognition went to  and Ashley and Courtenay, for their work as BNSA President and Vice-President respectively.

“Our BNSA is an integral part of what makes Boucher unique. It started as a small, grassroots association. Every year it has grown and done more and more. This year was another incredible year and the two students who ran this association did so with much enthusiasm, passion, integrity and energy,”exclaimed Mark Williams, Dean of Student Services.