Convocation day, filled with excitement, fear, and anticipation for the future. On June 28, 2019, the 31 students took their first step from naturopathic medical students to naturopathic doctors. With pressed gowns, pinned hoods, and 4 years of naturopathic education behind them, these students were well prepared for their final promenade.

The ceremony began with the Master of Ceremonies, Dr. Andrew Vargo, MD, and Chair of Biomedical Sciences, welcoming all attendees and graduates, as well as giving a territorial acknowledgement to the unseeded land of the Qayqay. Musqueam, and all Coast Salish peoples. Heartfelt opening remarks from Mr. Michael Schanz, MBA, President; Dr, Karrin Fairman- Young, ND, Associate Dean of Clinical Studies and CMO; and Dr. Dave Scotten, ND, M.ED, Dean of Education; and Guest Speaker Dr. Rebecca Handford, ND. All of whom shared words of wisdom as the final guidance before these students stepped into the naturopathic world alone.

A message from the graduating class was given by Dr. Chelsea Leander , ND and Dr. Shawn Peters, ND, who reflected on the highs and lows of their time at the Boucher Institute and their perseverance to becoming naturopathic doctors through it all.

All students at the Boucher Institute show exemplary  commitment to naturopathic medicine and Boucher community, although some stood out in their efforts, such as:

Academic Excellence Award presented by Dr. Rochelle Heisel, PhD, Associate Dean of Education, awarded to Carolyn Mukai.

Clinical Excellence Award presented by Dr. Karrin Fairman-Young, ND, Associate Dean of Clinical Sciences and CMO, awarded to Alan Brum.

Spirit of Boucher Award presented by Mrs. Shannon Svingen- Jones, MBA, Dean of Student Services awarded to Randi Brown.

As the Naturopathic Oath began, led by Dr. Bob Van Horlick, ND, all Naturopathic Doctors arose to pledge their commitment and dedication to providing their patients with the best holistic care. With smiles beaming, glassy eyes, diplomas in hand, they begin their naturopathic journey.