Dear Boucher community,

Boucher would like to acknowledge and reinforce the following statement made by the AANMC. The Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine has zero tolerance for racism or hatred of any kind, and is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion by providing a learning environment free from discrimination and harassment, where individual differences are valued and respected with equal opportunity and fair treatment of all students.

The AANMC wants to acknowledge the extraordinary pain, frustration, and anguish represented in the protests currently occurring across North America. The AANMC stands by the founding principles of naturopathic medicine. They guide us and our profession in delivering ethical, humane, root cause-focused, person-centered care. These principles honor our individual and collective relationship with nature, our natural environment, and each other.  AANMC acknowledges the long history of racism that impacts Black communities, and we encourage open dialogue to lead us forward. We encourage AANMC member schools to consider the extraordinary circumstances that communities of color are experiencing, and to take into account the individual, and mental and emotional safety and wellness of these communities, especially right now.

Take care,

Michael Schanz