Albert Kaan, ND Candidate 2016

University of Toronto Alumnus, MA
University of British Columbia Alumnus, BA

My wife was the one who first got me interested in Natural Health. I started by changing my toothpaste and eventually everything I ate or used on my body.I experimented with fasting, vegetarianism/veganism, cleanses, colonics, and the like.

When I decided to make a career change Boucher felt like the right choice. My experiences at BINM have been so rich and intense that it’s really hard to concisely put them in writing. These have been some of the most challenging and transformational years of my life. The naturopathic educational process at BINM is by nature contemplative, eventually transforming the student into a physician through tremendous opportunities for personal growth.

My experience at BINM has been a very pleasant journey, one that I will treasure for the rest of my life. Despite all my years of success as a business professional, it was during my time at BINM that I finally found the root cause of my many struggles. I know my investment 3 years has been priceless.