ND Candidate 2017

University of Western Ontario Alumna

I had been seriously considering applying to conventional medical school, but throughout my own health journey I realized that Naturopathic Medicine would be a much better fit.

I want to be able to spend more time with patients, get at the root of their issue provide permanent health solutions using the least invasive approach, and inspire people to take responsibility for their own health. Over- all, being an ND is the best route for me to help patients.

My decision to attend Boucher came down to the sense of community. As a small school, I saw the opportunity to work closely with clinic supervisors, instructors, and classmates. When I visited Boucher I could tell it was a place where people care about one another. A big strength at BINM is that they encourage and facilitate personal development throughout the program, which I find incredibly valuable both as a student and a future doctor.

I already know that when I graduate, although I will be excited to start my practice, I will also be sad to leave Boucher.