University of Fraser Valley Alumna

I always wanted to be an MD, a pediatrician to be specific! I volunteered in the pediatric unit of a hospital and soon realized that this wasn’t the profession for me. I wanted to spend more time with my patients, and be able to treat them holistically.

During the first year of my undergrad, I saw an ND for chronic digestive and skin issues. I was amazed and inspired by the time she spent with me, the life advice she gave me, and how she taught me to take charge of my own health. She was extremely passionate about holistic healing,and empathetic towards me as a patient. After that visit, I talked to her about her education, found Boucher, and it was then that I decided to become an ND. I haven’t looked back since!


My experience at Boucher has been better than I expected. The community is incredibly close knit and supportive. The amount that I have learned in the past few years is incredible, and every day I go to class I become more excited and more passionate about the profession.