By Dr. David Scotten, Dean of Education

Modern technology and science have delivered incredible advancements that facilitate the ease and efficiencies of our lives to such a degree, that without them we could never perform the miracles we do each and every day in our jobs. We have become reliant on these tools. Mass producing a car, writing and recording a symphony on an iPad, or conducting a simultaneous group meeting in 12 different countries with everyone relaxing in their own office however, is straightforward when compared to the complexity of the human organism.

Modern medicine is staffed with amazingly talented and devoted physicians and technicians who perform heroic miracles in the saving of lives every day. But when it comes to managing chronic diseases and the long-term aspects of our health, the evidence does not support the curative effect of most pharmaceutical interventions. As well, the overuse of antibiotics has led to widespread drug resistance, there are many unintended side effects of drugs and these are exacerbated by the common use of multiple drug regimens despite a lack of research supporting such practices. We believe there must be a better way.

However differently each of us appears on the outside, our internal biochemical individualities are vastly more variable. This expression of our genetic diversity suggests there is no single answer to almost any medical problem. Many individual different genetic portraits can result in a similar symptomatic expression. For instance we know that certain individuals have more of an affinity to cancer, dementia or diabetes than others, but this does not mean the reason each of these individuals might acquire a given disease is the same. There could be a myriad of medical explanations why a supposedly more susceptible person acquires a disease while another equally susceptible person does not. This is where we step in. Naturopathic medicine is “(w)holistic” and understands that the common theme lies in “our individuality. Identifying and supporting our individual uniquenesses are the roots of a naturopathic physician’s intentions.

Boucher firmly believes in the roots of naturopathic medicine because it best presents an opportunity to practice “sustainable medicine in a sustainable world.” We also believe that this approach will always be the best direction towards finding health, wellness and happiness. Nature knows best.

The following six principles guide our approach to good health and are the roots we aspire to promote.

These principles are…

The Healing Power of Nature
We help by supporting the body’s inherent wisdom to heal itself.
Identify and Treat the Causes
We look beyond the symptoms to the underlying cause.
First Do No Harm
We use the most natural, least invasive and least toxic of therapies.
Doctor as Teacher
We educate patients in managing themselves to achieve and maintain health.
Treat the Whole Person
We view the body as an integrated whole in all its physical, mental and emotional dimensions.
We focus on overall health, wellness and disease prevention.

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