Dear Boucher Community members,

Our primary goals are to ensure the safety of our community while striving to keep students immersed in learning and the education on track to the best of our ability. We have begun Phase 3 of our Return to Campus plan: Modified Campus operations are resuming under the new guidelines. Select groups of students will be on campus for limited times. Remote instruction, teleworking, scheduling and all other measures will remain in place in order to maintain social distancing and flexibility.

Clinic rotations will continue to be staggered. Those who are considered high-risk to COVID19 or who live with high-risk family members will still work remotely. A schedule of on-site availability for each department will be available in the next week or two. Over the coming months, we will continue to base our decisions on the best available information at the time while exercising the utmost caution for our Boucher community, and the community at large.

Everyone will be screened for Covid symptoms using the BCCDC BC COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool and temperature checks on the concourse prior to student/faculty entry to the campus. A reminder that Masks are required to be worn on campus.

To make our process more efficient and allow us to screen people effectively, please download the Self Assessment Tool APP from the BCCDC and complete it prior to arriving on campus so you can show your negative questionnaire result to the screeners. They will then take your temperature and approve you for campus attendance if appropriate. Please follow the guidelines on the APP, and do not attend if you have any symptoms or it instructs you to self isolate or test for COVID-19.

Screening for Academics will happen M-F from 8-840am and 1230-110pm for all classes on campus. Please arrive during these times for appropriate entry to the campus and so you will arrive at class in a timely manner. Clinic will continue to screen for Students/Clinic Faculty for rotations if that is your first entry to the campus.

If you have classes first, you must also be screened for class. If you are feeling even mildly unwell, please do not attend campus. Thank you for your diligence and cooperation to help keep our campus safe.


Boucher Critical Incident Response Team