Your naturopathic schooling is the foundation of a long and satisfying career in naturopathic medicine. The school you choose must give you the most well-rounded and comprehensive education available to propel you into a fulfilling and profitable career. As you search for a professional program, seek the school that you believe will provide you the best opportunity of getting you licensed and ready to practice. Thus, we would advise all prospective students to compare all of the school’s pass rates on the North American Board exams (NPLEX) to help decide where they have the best chance to learn and succeed.

It is important to understand that the conferring of “degrees” and “diplomas” is a provincial decision. Schools that award degrees are not always better although their marketing campaigns would have you believe differently. Before you base your decision on getting a degree or “just a diploma”, inform yourself as to the quality of education that you are really receiving and how you will be able to use it. To help you in your decision, talk to a student or become student for a day to have a glimpse of what your next four years could be.

Presently, all colleges and universities with accredited Naturopathic Medicine programs confer either the Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine degree or the Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine diploma. All programs prepare students to the same North American board exams leading to the license to practice as a Naturopathic Doctor.

At Boucher, we are proud to report that our students have consistently scored above the national average on the NPLEX exam for many years running, leading to high licensure and practice rates right out of school. We believe that our high scores are a result of our unique approach to our naturopathic programming: not satisfied with simply teaching the approved curriculum, our staff and faculty go beyond to impress the interconnectedness of the human body, spirit, and mind. 97% of Boucher alumni respondents to the 2015 All Alumni Survey indicated they are currently licensed as a Naturopathic Doctor (ND).

Boucher strives to offer every student an experience that begets an even greater curiosity about the vast and evolving world of natural medicine. Students benefit from an excellent faculty-to student ratio: the average cohort size of 23 students guarantees a high level of support and mentoring is available to our student body. Our location also benefits our student body. Aside from its beauty, British Columbia boasts the broadest scope of practice in Canada for naturopathic doctors. Our province has recently revised legislation governing the practice of naturopathic medicine to include minor surgery, prescription rights, and other domestic procedures – effectively granting BC naturopaths more opportunities to lead a successful practice.

As you make your decision, we encourage you to fully explore all options. We will guide you and ensure that your decision is made with full information, no matter which school you decide to attend. So please do not hesitate to call on us and if you prefer to enter a program that contributes most to a more sustainable and preventative approach to healthcare, then you will certainly want to consider us.

Interested in pursuing your career in naturopathic medicine at Boucher? Check out our admission requirements to see if you’re on track to becoming a student.