Our Donors help improve the educational experience of our students by providing gifts in kind, helping fund scholarship and giving our institute the means to provide state of the art equipment.

Areas of Giving

1- Visionary Investing

Visionary investing at the Boucher Institute is a special kind of giving. We are always looking for donors who are willing to support the expansion, updating and modernization of our facilities. We have a number of projects on the go and in the planning stages. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact us to schedule meeting or come take a tour of our facilities.

2- Scholarships and Bursaries

All of our students make an inspiring four year commitment to their education and have a great passion for Naturopathic Medicine. Help support their dreams and the advancement of Naturopathic Medicine by funding a scholarship or bursary. Your contribution is a worthwhile investment with guaranteed returns:

  • Help ensure that no student misses out on a naturopathic medical education for financial reasons
  • Dedicate your funds to the memory of loved one or raise your company’s profile among our student, staff and faculty
  • Direct your funds to help expand and area of your interest (e.g. botanical medicine, acupuncture etc…)
3- Sustainability Initiatives

Our sustainability values:

  • Promote a safe, accessible and environmentally responsible culture on campus.
  • Create a caring, compassionate and socially responsible community.
  • Use our available resources wisely, ensuring their fair distribution.
  • Develop and nurture partnerships that encourage and support collaboration.
  • Celebrate and strengthen the diversity of our community

Your donations mean more opportunities for sustainability initiatives throughout Boucher that will help improve the lives of our students, employees and the community.

4- Research

Enhancing research knowledge in the naturopathic profession remains a priority for the department, as policy makers, health care professionals and consumers continue to look for more evidence-based practices. Investments in research will go toward building research literacy and capacity among naturopathic physicians and students.  Learn more about our Research Department here.

5- Support our Satellite Clinics

Giving to our Satellite Clinics is a great way to do something special for the Boucher Institute and the communities we serve. Close to the hearts of our students, faculty and staff, our satellite clinics provide care to some of BC’s most under serviced populations.

Monetary and in kind donations will go toward providing equipment, nutritional supplements, teaching staff and services to our satellite clinics.  Learn more about our Satellite Clinics here.

6- Donation of gifts in kind

The eligible amount of a gift is deemed to be nil if the donor fails to inform the donee of information that would be relevant to the application of the rules that would cause the eligible amount of a gift to be less than the FMV (fair market value).

For donations of gifts in kind, the qualified donee can issue an official donation receipt after the property has been appraised. The receipt should show the FMV or deemed FMV of your gift. It will also show the eligible amount of the gift.

For more information, go to https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/services/charities-giving/charities/operating-a-registered-charity/issuing-receipts/determining-fair-market-value-gifts-kind-non-cash-gifts.html


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