Today we had our first Facebook live with Dr. Nikita Vizniak, DC, Physical Medicine Chair at the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine.

Dr. Vizniak is the director of Professional Health Systems and an honors graduate of the University of Western States. He has been a professional speaker and educator for over 17 years. Aside from his training in physical medicine, exercise science, rehabilitation and diagnostic imaging, Dr. Vizniak also has trained in minor surgery, obstetrics, phlebotomy, acupuncture, botanical medicine and clinical nutrition. He is a globally recognized author & educator whose work & passion are derived from his desire for the promotion of clinical efficiency & excellence. When he is not writing, practicing & researching, Dr. Vizniak teaches clinically oriented human anatomy, cadaver dissection, orthopedic & general physical assessment, numerous advanced myofascial therapies (PNF, PIR/CR, IASTM, pin & stretch, active myofascial release) & osseous mobilization and master classes on clinical integration of best practices and results based outcomes.

As part of his holistic approach to assessment & treatment Dr. Vizniak educates students & clinicians on the clinical integration multidisciplinary treatments and evidence based best practices. As a regular student favorite, Dr. Vizniak provides an entertaining lecture full of enthusiasm and positive student learning opportunities, as well as a safe place to ask questions and make mistakes.

Dr. Nik will be doing regular live videos starting September, so don’t miss Fridays with Dr. Nik at noon (PST).