Dr. Scarlett Cooper

Naturopathic Doctor who was named the best Naturopathic Doctor in the Clovedale community. Dr. Cooper is the Biomedicine Coordinator at the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine and also supervises in the Boucher Naturopathic Medical Clinic, where she finds it incredibly rewarding to work with students while contributing to her profession. Dr. Cooper has also regularly appeared as a guest on The Lynda Steele Show on CKNW News Talk 980 AM, discussing topics that are relevant to naturopathic medicine and the general public. Find more about Dr. Scarlett Cooper on her website.

Watch this Facebook live to know how Dr. Scarlett Cooper came to Naturopathic Medicine, what does she enjoy being at Boucher and get some tips about on to be a successful student in the ND program!

Dr. Marisa Marciano

Naturopathic Doctor & Registered Herbalist (AHG) with expertise in both the education and clinical applications of therapeutic nutrition & phytotherapy. Her educational background includes an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology and medical training from the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine where she is currently both a clinical and academic faculty member within the department of Botanical Medicine. Also recognized for creating the celebrated online herbal resource TheNaturopathicHerbalist, Dr. Marciano is considered a passionate educator who believes in empowering her patients & students to take a “hands-on-herbal” approach to both their health & their herbal education, and regularly runs herbal medicine making workshops aimed at fostering a deeper connection between people & plants.Her overall approach to wellness emphasizes the use of therapies inherently in tune with Nature, believing in the body’s innate capacity to heal when provided with the ancient knowledge & foundational therapeutic potential of plant medicine in all its forms.

Watch her talking about how her passion for herbal medicine has grown through Boucher naturopathic training, get inspired by her experience as a student here and now at the Botanical Medicine Chair at Boucher!


Dr. Jason Marr

Dr. Jason Marr, Naturopathic Doctor, Chair, Professional Development at the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine, Director & Founder of Evoke Integrative Medicine Ltd.

Watch him share his experience at the Boucher Institute and what it is like to be an empowered, effective, creative, resilient and productive Naturopathic Doctor. Spoiler alert, NDs have one of highest rate of job satisfaction in the world!


Dr. Andrew Vargo

Dr. Vargo earned his medical degree from the University of Saskatchewan and honed his clinical knowledge while attending patients as an intern and a resident physician. He left medicine to pursue a career in the pharmaceutical industry as a scientific liaison, and there discovered a passion for education and research. He has taught a wide range of disciplines – including nursing, massage therapy, university, and naturopathic medical students – and designed educational programs for primary care and specialist physicians. Dr. Vargo is committed to guiding students to become better critical thinkers and more proficient clinicians by clarifying the science of the human body in health and disease.

Watch him talk about Biomedical Sciences course at the Boucher Institute, Biochemistry prerequisite requirements, NPLEX, and all things science. Next time join us live session to ask questions!


Dr. Nikita Vizniak

Dr. Vizniak is the director of Professional Health Systems and an honors graduate of the University of Western States. He has been a professional speaker and educator for over 17 years. Aside from his training in physical medicine, exercise science, rehabilitation and diagnostic imaging, Dr. Vizniak also has trained in minor surgery, obstetrics, phlebotomy, acupuncture, botanical medicine and clinical nutrition. He is a globally recognized author & educator whose work & passion are derived from his desire for the promotion of clinical efficiency & excellence. When he is not writing, practicing & researching, Dr. Vizniak teaches clinically oriented human anatomy, cadaver dissection, orthopedic & general physical assessment, numerous advanced myofascial therapies (PNF, PIR/CR, IASTM, pin & stretch, active myofascial release) & osseous mobilization and master classes on clinical integration of best practices and results based outcomes.

As part of his holistic approach to assessment & treatment Dr. Vizniak educates students & clinicians on the clinical integration multidisciplinary treatments and evidence based best practices. As a regular student favorite, Dr. Vizniak provides an entertaining lecture full of enthusiasm and positive student learning opportunities, as well as a safe place to ask questions and make mistakes.

Dr. Nik will be doing regular live videos starting September, so don’t miss Fridays with Dr. Nik at noon(PST).