On April 24th, 2017, the Boucher Institute opens its doors to prospective students who want to learn more about Naturopathic Medicine and our program.

Dr. Kefferputz, ND and senior Boucher students will demonstrate their daily clinical experience to give you first-hand insight into what it is like to be a naturopathic student at the Boucher Institute.

Dr. Rigo Kefferputz graduated from the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine and received his Bachelor of Science at McGill University with a degree in Physiology. He is regularly seen on television and published media outlets such as CTV Morning News Live and North Shore News. Dr. Kefferputz believes we all have untapped potential within us and as a Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Kefferputz practices an integrative approach, using evidence based medicine that draws from research, experience and mentorship. He is an active member of the British Columbia Naturopathic Association, and the Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians and is a supervisor in the Boucher Clinic.

You may bring parent(s) or a friend as guests; however, each prospective student must register individually.

Any further questions, contact us at admissions@binm.org.