With midterm season approaching, what better way to reduce stress than a friendly visit from some furry friends? On October 30, Boucher students and staff gathered in the student lounge to meet and greet with 3 Rhodesian breed dogs: Fyrebyrd, Jazz, and Jerome from “Of Course Rhodesian Ridgebacks”

The student lounge was filled with students taking turns to pet each of the dogs. Relieving the pre-exam stress was exactly what these dogs set out to do. It was a frenzy of taking photos, talking to the dogs, petting, and making sure no one’s lunch was going to be eaten be the curious dogs!

Petting and interacting with dogs is also very therapeutic from a naturopathic perspective. These loyal, friendly big dogs took the time to sniff and greet everyone in the room. Pets are important members of our families, and we often miss them when our lives are busy and we are away from them for extended periods of time. We hope this fun therapy session provided some relief, reflection, and a good memory.

Even if it was just for this short lunch break, we think this ‘Paws for Wellness’ event helped us to feel happy, uplifted, and supported.

Wishing all students ‘paws’itive vibes for your upcoming exams.