The pharmacology upgrade course is offered to all registered naturopathic physicians wishing to add prescriptive rights to their practice. The course and all supportive materials are available online to allow registrants the freedom to work and study at there own pace, and then sign up for the next examination when ready. It is recommended that registrants allow three to four months of preparation before attempting the exam.

The course consists of two parts. The first is a series of recorded lectures that will include sessions describing the regulatory scope and other regulatory issues, the essence of basic prescription writing, and the principles of evidence based prescribing. The rest of the course supports the content of approximately 40% of the required chapters from the textbook. The specific medical topics that feature recorded lectures were chosen by committee, including members of the profession, and represent the most likely conditions doctors can expect to see in their practice. The self study topics may not be as commonly seen, but they are still important for practitioners to have a good understanding of the principles of prescribing. While these topics are not as strongly emphasized in the course, participants are expected to be able to use them safely and effectively.

It is the content of the video supported lectures and chapters that are tested in the oral component of the examination. All of the required chapters may be tested on the written component of the final exam. A more detailed description of the processes, examinations and expectations for the course is available on the website once you have registered.

Registrants of this course will be required to attend the final assessment.