Studies Published by BINM Students

The hype of hypochlorhydria a brief review of gastric acid analysis
Taylor Seier, BCom, ND Candidate & Thara Vayali, BSc, MA, ND

Hyperthermia: A Promising Cancer Therapy
Erin Rurak, ND candiate

An Unexpected Insomnia Treatment
Monique Hallee BSc.HK, ND
Chris Hergesheimer, BA, MA, PhD Candidate

Studies Published by BINM Alumni

PCOS and Contraception: A Wrench in the Works
Thara Vayali MSc, MA, ND

Histamine Intolerance: A common cause of chronic complaints
Krista Moyer ND

Diet Therapy in the Treatment of Autism
Anita Bratt, ND

Needling yet? Facial Acupuncture for Beauty, Youth and Vitality
Katarina Holewa, ND

Beyond the Hormonal Triad: The Liver and an Important Source of Cortisol
Monique Hallee, ND

“Nature Rx: Health Benefits of Spending Time in Nature.”
Katie Smith, ND and Cyndi Gilbert, ND. Vital Link Vol 22, Issue 3 Fall/Winter 2015 (print access only)

“Health Conseuences of Living Near Wind Turbines and Solar Panels”
Shannon Morgenstern, ND. Vital Link Vol 22 Issue 3 Fall/Winter 2015 (print access only)

Studies Published by the Research Department

A Cross-sectional study of Patient Satisfaction and Patient Retention in a Canadian Naturopathic Teaching Clinic
Farzaneh Osati, MSc, PhD, ND,
Patricia Wolfe, ND,
Brenda Leung, ND, MSc,
Sarah Beasleigh, ND,
Karrin Fairman-Young, ND,
Chris Hergesheimer, BA, MA, PhD Candidate

Demographic and Outcome Trends in Naturopathic Teaching Clinics
Kimberly Sanders, ND,
Joshua Hergesheimer, MSc,
Gurneet Bawa,
Misharo Fraser,
Rachelle Jean-Paul,
Vanessa Rugeles Sepulveda,
Theresa Messano,
Evelyn Szeinbaum