One of the best ways to integrate into the CCNM-Boucher Campus community is to get involved and meet new friends through the myriad of student activities available to our prospective doctors. The Department of Student Services is focused on providing you with programs, activities and events that will engage and integrate you into the CCNM-Boucher Campus community and at the same time, provide you with fun and memorable experiences. Check out the quarterly student activities calendar for all of the events that are being held on campus each term.

New Student Orientation

Orientation is a time to meet and connect with one’s cohort – the classmates among which new students will work alongside for the duration of their program. At CCNM-Boucher Campus, orientation is more than just a tour of the school. It provides an opportunity for new students to discuss the rigours of the program and where they can access support amongst their peers and from instructors within the program. By the end of orientation week, all students will have gotten to know each other’s names, have a unique insight into different learning styles, and understand the expectations of the school and the program.

“Right after my first day, I felt like a part of the Boucher community. The orientation played a huge role in developing relationships and a support network that will stay with me throughout my time at Boucher and beyond”

Adam Godkin, Naturopathic Medical Doctor Graduate December 2020

New Student Retreat

The Boucher Naturopathic Student Association (BNSA) provides a first-year retreat for all incoming students. This retreat is a time for new cohorts to meet and become familiar with each other outside of the classroom and to take part in a number of fun activities before the start of school. The BNSA Social Coordinators can provide students with all retreat details. Attendance at the BNSA first-year retreat is strongly encouraged.

Grad Exit Retreat

Our focus on the cohort-model of education means that the end of the program also means the culmination of four years of study in a close-knit community. Student Services offers grad-exit retreats for all graduates in order to facilitate reflection, and to equip students with additional resources to support the transition from school into practice.

Sporting and Social Events

Student Services is pleased to host a number of events to enhance the student experience throughout the academic year, including:

  • Spirit of the Season Week
  • Year-End Celebration and Talent Show
  • Power Up Mingler
  • CCNM-Boucher Campus Annual Volleyball Tournament and BBQ
  • CCNM-Boucher Campus Annual Soccer Tournament and BBQ
  • Ping pong tournament