Chair of the Physical Medicine Department (part-time Core Faculty position)

  • POSITION TITLE: Chair of the Physical Medicine Department

  • REPORTS TO: Associate Dean of Academics

  • SUPERVISES: Instructors and Teaching Assistants in the Physical Medicine Program

POSITION SUMMARY: The Physical Medicine department chair oversees the coordination and delivery of the courses in Anatomy, Physical Medicine, Naturopathic Manipulation and Manual Therapies. The Chair of Physical Medicine is responsible for acting as an instructor in the Physical Medicine Program and helping with the development and implementation of the Physical Medicine curriculum.  


Perform the duties of a primary instructor in the Physical Medicine (PM) Program
  • Oversee content and delivery of
    • PhysMed 1-3
    • Manip 1-4
    • Soft Tissue Mobilization
    • Manual Therapies
  • Review all course syllabi to update and maintain appropriate course goals and competencies.
  • Ensure that naturopathic principles and philosophy are integrated into the physical medicine curriculum
  • Work with the Dean of Education, Associate Deans, other Department Chairs and program instructors to determine the deficiencies, redundancies, weaknesses and strengths of the curriculum
  • With direction from the Dean of Education and the Curriculum Review Committee, engage in a continuous improvement cycle model for your program
  • Create and review assessment tools.
  • Monitor student evaluations for the program and program instructors and provide input for performance reviews of faculty members in the Physical Medicine department
  • Chair Departmental sub-committee meetings, a minimum of once per term,
  • Monitor and provide remediation for students in the Physical Medicine program as needed.
  • Monitor equipment for the department and make
  • Support the Associate Dean of Academics in recruiting and hiring instructors and teaching assistants for the PM program within the boundaries of the budget
The Associate Dean of Academics, according to the needs of the Institute, may assign additional duties.  

Organizational Responsibilities:

  • Participate as a constructive member of the organization to achieve the stated mission and goals of the Institute.
  • Participate as a productive member of the Academic Curriculum Committee, Library Committee and Research Committee
  • Attend regular Faculty meetings and participate in Faculty Development initiatives.
  • Participate as a productive member of the Curriculum Review Committee as requested by the Chair
  • Attend relevant professional development initiatives provided by the Institute
  • Communicate in a positive, regular and timely manner with your supervisor concerning personal performance context of this job description, and the fulfillment of programmatic goals and objectives.
  • Carry out all projects and duties as assigned on a timely basis.
  • Maintain confidentiality of all matters entrusted to this position.


Qualified applicants will be licensed medical professionals (N.D., D.C., Physio) with demonstrated competence in teaching skills and course development. Chiropractic manipulation experience preferred.