Continuing Education Coordinator

  • POSITION TITLE: Continuing Education Co-ordinator

  • REPORTS TO: Dean of Education

  • HOURS OF WORK: 10 hours a week


The Continuing Education Coordinator is responsible for overseeing the coordination, development and delivery of all aspects of Boucher’s continuing education program. He/she is expected to seek out new opportunities for CE opportunities and support events within the school that involve training and the delivery of information to audiences, both public and professional.



  • Knowledge of the medical field
  • Strong communication skills
  • Able to professionally represent the institution to stakeholders
  • Strong organizational and record keeping skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • An ability to manage an schedule people and events



1.Ensure conformity to the CNME standards for continuing education

  • Provide quality assurance of programs, courses and events.
  • Vet presenters for qualifications, conflict of interest, credentials and experience.
  • Maintain accurate records of attendance, assessments and the appropriate completion of requirements for certification bestowed.
  • Provide and collect evaluations of events by attendees and instructors.
  • Ensure contracts are accurate, inclusive signed and archived.


2.Event production and delivery

  • Ensure all aspects of the delivery of events are considered and performed, including room bookings, provision of AV and other equipment or furnishings, access by instructors and attendees to the site.
  • To coordinate the development of continuing education initiatives.
  • Oversee the effective promotion and marketing of events to appropriate interest groups.
  • Ensure registration and payment procedures are in place.
  • Communicate well with instructors to support their needs in the successful delivery of events.
  • Manage communications through
  • Collect from the instructors the presentation materials for distribution and access to registrants in a timely fashion.
  • Ensure compliance with the needs of the institute and attendees for events.

3.Department development

  • Continue to seek new opportunities for training.
  • Participate in related BINM initiatives and activities as necessary, such as the annual symposium.
  • Develop and maintain CE policies, procedures and contracts.
  • Report on CE activities as required.

4.Organizational Responsibilities

  • Participate as a constructive member of BINM’s administrative team to achieve the stated mission and goals of the Institute. Communicate in a positive, regular and timely manner with your supervisor in regards to all matters concerning personal performance in the context of this job description and the fulfillment of goals and objectives. Carry out all projects and duties as assigned on a timely basis.
  • Maintain confidentiality of all matters entrusted to this position.