Core Clinical Faculty Member/External Site coordinator

  • Reports to: Associate Dean of Clinical Studies/CMO

  • Hours per week: 32-35 hours

  • Wage: $55,000 - 60,000 per annum

  • Application Deadline: Open until Filled

  • To Apply: Please send CV and covering letter to


This position supervises clinical Interns, liaises with the Clinic Manager and provides administrative support to the Associate Dean of Clinical Studies/CMO in the areas of ongoing educational development and assessment of the clinical component of the ND program. Duties include clinic supervision, curriculum development and external clinic coordination. This position may also include classroom instruction.

Clinical faculty members are responsible for overseeing patient care and intern clinical practice, as well as general administrative duties during the rotation. Core Clinical Faculty members will familiarize themselves and adhere to all BINM rules/policies and procedures including those contained in the Clinical Faculty, Intern Handbooks, Clinical Standards Manual and any policies that may subsequently be adopted by the teaching clinic. The clinical faculty member has final approval on any proposed course of action by the interns.

Core Clinical faculty members must have at least three years of clinical experience in practice as a Naturopathic Physician and must hold current licensure and insurance in British Columbia.


In addition, the ideal candidate will be:

Self-motivated and have the ability to motivate others;

Able to meet deadlines and balance multiple priorities;

Able to work well with diverse student, faculty and professional groups within and outside the Boucher Institute;

Able to communicate effectively- both verbally and in writing;

Experienced in teaching, either in the clinical or classroom setting.



  1. Education:

Clinic supervision

  • Clinical faculty members will lead a preview and review session at the beginning and end of each shift.
  • The supervising clinical faculty member will discuss all aspects of case management, including intake, diagnosis, and proposed treatment plan with the interns.
  • The clinical faculty member has final approval on any proposed course of action by the interns as it is the faculty member who has legal responsibility for the patient.
  • The clinical faculty member is ultimately responsible for ensuring the accuracy and completeness of the chart and must sign off on each chart ensuring that it follows BINM charting guidelines.
  • Each semester clinical faculty members are required to meet with each student on their rotation and conduct a midterm and final evaluation.
  • Students must be notified in a timely fashion when they are not meeting expectations
  • Faculty members must provide clinic interns with clear goals and objectives to achieve competence on the rotation in areas that they are not meeting expectations.
  • At the end of each semester students must be evaluated by their supervising clinical faculty member and attend any remediation that may be assigned by the Associate Dean of Clinical Studies/CMO.
  • The Clinical Faculty member must report any student who is not meeting expectations to the ADCS/CMO in a timely fashion, no less than 4 weeks before the end of term.
  • The clinical faculty member is responsible for reporting any breach of BINM policies, procedures or clinic rules to the Associate Dean of Clinical Studies/CMO.


 Administrative duties

  • Clinical Faculty members are responsible for recording attendance, completing student evaluations, competencies, and graduation requirements in a timely manner.
  • Clinical Faculty members must provide at least 2 weeks notice of absence and request for sub for non-emergencies.
  • Clinic Faculty members must attend no less than 80% of their clinic rotation.
  • Clinical Faculty members must provide an updated CV on a yearly basis as well as current contact information.
  • Clinical Faculty members are responsible for reading, understanding and adhering to BINM policies as well as the protocols and procedures outlined in the Clinic Intern Handbook, Clinic Faculty Handbook and the Clinical Standards Manual.


 Patient Care

  • The clinical faculty member is responsible for ensuring that the naturopathic principles and Therapeutic order are followed while providing appropriate, safe, evidence informed medical care.
  • The clinical faculty member must be present for all adjustments, manipulations, procedures below the dermis, breast/genital and rectal exams.
  • The clinical faculty member will personally see the patient at least once on every patient visit.


Academic activities:

  • Participate in ongoing development of clinical education curriculum.
  • Courses or classes may be assigned for clinic related instruction on a term to term basis.


  1. Administration:
  • Participate in reviewing and developing clinic handbooks, protocols, competencies, policies and procedures.
  • Assist in the ongoing improvement of student evaluations and tracking outcomes.
  • Assist in overseeing intern responsibilities and activities other than those related to direct patient care including but not limited to remedial work or rotations.
  • Actively participate in the development, scheduling and invigilating of clinic assessment exams. (ie. exit exams, entrance exams, milestone exams)
  • Carry out all projects and duties as assigned on a timely basis.
  • Maintain confidentiality of all matters entrusted to this position.
  • Attend professional development activities
  • Liaise with the ADCS/CMO regarding all aspects of the external clinical sites
  • Act as liaison with the sites to ensure the smooth operation of external clinical sites by ongoing communication with each site, and resolve day to day issues as applicable


  1. External Sites:

In cooperation with the BNMC Clinic Manager:

  • Follow protocols that provide administrative and education oversight of all external clinical sites, including regularly scheduled monitoring and review of existing sites to ensure they continue to meet standards, goals and objectives and implement revisions as necessary.
  • Provide term (2 per year) site visit reports.
  • Act as liaison to ensure the smooth operation of external clinical sites by ongoing communication with each site, and resolve day to day issues as applicable.
  • Where appropriate ensure training of the clinical faculty and staff at the external sites, under the direction of the ADCS/CMO.
  • Explore potential new external clinical sites, according to the BINM strategic plan, and with the supervision of the ADCS/CMO.
  • Develop a proposal for new sites for approval by the ADCS/CMO and implement as approved.
  • Continue to develop specific goals and objectives for both operational and educational aspects of the individual external clinical sites, based on appropriate accreditation standards and BINM program goals and objectives.


  1. Organizational duties:
  • Participate in all regular Curriculum Committee and Faculty meetings.
  • Participate in bi-annual Clinic orientation.
  • Participate as a constructive member of BINM’s administration team to achieve the stated mission and goals of the Institute.
  • Communicate in a positive, regular and timely manner with your supervisor in regard to all matters concerning personal performance in the context of this job description and fulfillment of goals and objectives.
  • Professional Development:
    • Clinical faculty members are required to continue their professional development as per their licensure requirements
    • They are also required to attend Faculty development initiatives directed at enhance their teaching skills.
    • A minimum of one faculty development offering must be completed per year.