COVID-19 Information & Resources

Campus Access and Safety Protocols

On campus:

Do not gather in groups and minimize close contact (proximity, duration of exposure)

  • This means keep more than 2m away from others in rooms, workspaces and all common areas whenever possible
  • You may be in social bubbles with some of your classmates/workmates while not on campus, however, our campus space is not part of your bubble and you must be masked

Use masks at all times when not in a room isolated by yourself. masks may only be removed for:

  • eating/drinking and must be replaced immediately after
    • you must be at least 2m apart when you have your mask off for eating
    • Masks should not be off for more than 15 minutes, more time than this has been defined as prolonged exposure by the CDC.
  • Or for specific procedures during practical classes as instructed by the Academic Faculty and replaced as soon as possible
    • follow all other PPE guidelines instructed by Academics for practical classes

Sanitize any table/chair you have used with the provided spray or wipes (ie. Lysol/Caviwipes) before you leave

  • wash your hands frequently

DO NOT ATTEND if you are feeling sick, even very mild symptoms, contact:

  • ACADEMICS: inform your instructor and Dr. Heisel
  • CLINIC: Inform your Supervisor and Dr. KFY

Only students scheduled for a practical class or clinic are allowed on campus

  • there are extenuating circumstances for a few students d/t commute times
    • if this applies to you, please ensure you have contacted Dr. Heisel or Dr. KFY to get approval to stay on campus between practical class and clinic
  • Go outside when you get a chance
    • get fresh air and some sunshine


  • If you are attending for a clinic shift then please proceed directly to the clinic for screening, go to your locker after screening
  • If you are attending class before clinic,  you MUST BE SCREENED on the CONCOURSE BEFORE ENTERING the facility

To make our process more efficient and allow us to screen people effectively, please download the BC COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool and complete it prior to arriving on campus so you may show your negative questionnaire result to the screeners. They will then take your temperature and approve you for campus attendance if appropriate. Please follow the guidelines on the APP, and do not attend if you have any symptoms or it instructs you to self isolate and/or go for testing. If you do not have the app, the screener will read the COVID questionnaire to you.

Concourse Screening Times Sept 14, 2020 forward will be 8:15am – 8:45am and 12:30pm – 1:10pm. Please arrange to arrive so you can be screened appropriately or you will not be able to enter campus. Do not enter campus areas without being screened: ie: classroom areas, student areas, locker areas, clinic, general admin, academics admin, student services, counselling, library, lounges, etc. Anyone who has Covid symptoms is required to self isolate as per the BCCDC, please see the attached Covid flowcharts below for guidance if you have questions about attending or if you should isolate Anyone found in violation of the safety precautions and procedures that have been implemented for Return to campus, including but not limited to: being on campus without being screened, not wearing a mask, gather in groups, will be asked to leave campus and will be remanded to the Dean’s Council (students) or HR (staff/faculty) for breach of conduct. Thank you for your understanding and compliance for the safety of our community.