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Library Services

The Boucher Institute library supports the educational program of the Institute, providing high-quality information resources and service to the entire Boucher Institute community. Limited access may be granted to other healthcare professionals and clinic patients at the discretion of the librarian.  We will assist your research and learning and act as a partner in helping you become the best researcher and student that you can be.

The Boucher Institute library physical collection is housed in two locations:

  1. The main library collection on the second floor.
  2. The small clinic collection in the Clinic Intern Office on the third floor is available during clinic hours only.


The BNSA Bookstore is a business run by students for students. The BNSA Bookstore purchases textbooks at a reduced rate for all students. The BNSA Bookstore will have textbooks available for purchase during the first few weeks of school. The BNSA Bookstore also manages a used bookstore so that students may sell their textbooks to other students in the program. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your textbooks, please contact the BNSA Bookstore at or check out: