Boucher is a graduate level naturopathic medical college. A degree and no less than 90 credits overall from a recognized or authorized Canadian or a regionally accredited American post-secondary institution is required for entry into the program. For credentials earned outside of Canada and the United States, a “comprehensive evaluation” must be completed from either International Credential Evaluation Service (ICES) or World Education Services (WES) and must demonstrate equivalency to a North American degree.

The following are required prerequisites:

  • Biology – 6 credit hours
  • General Chemistry – 3 credit hours
  • Organic Chemistry – 3 credit hours
  • Biochemistry – 3 credit hours
  • Psychology – 3 credit hours
  • English/Humanities – 6 credit hours

According to both PTIB bylaws and Boucher Institute policy, minimum program admission requirements may not be waived.

Please review all the tabs. For further assistance do not hesitate to contact Boucher Admissions at or 604-777-9981.