Refresh Natural Health has been a successful colon hydrotherapy clinic for the past 7 years. The current owners are looking for a life change and are excited to pass this beautiful clinic to the right person to take over their extensive client list and in-clinic colon-hydrotherapy & nutritional practice.


This is an amazing opportunity for a Nutritionist, Naturopath, Chiropractor, Colon Hydrotherapist, or anyone in the health industry who is interested in stepping into a fully operational business with a proven track record.


Refresh Natural Health is located on the Burnaby/Vancouver border — ACT FAST to take over this amazing lease location before it’s gone! The landlord will start shopping this space around to other interested parties as of August 1st.

Because of the quick timing of the lease takeover they are offering this as a FLASH ASSET SALE – they are asking only $50,000 for everything (colonic equipment, office furniture, treatment room supplies, beautiful website (, washer/dryer, and an active client list in the thousands (special focus on digestive health).


Lease negotiations with their landlord need to start ASAP if the buyer wants to stay in the same location (plumbing for the space alone cost $20,000.00).


This is a 6-figure business, so the investment of $50,000 will come back to the buyer easily.


Please email if you’re interested in receiving more details.