Position title: Counselor

Reports to: Dean, Student Services

Requirements: M. A. Clinical Psychology or M. Ed Counselling

  • 2-5 years experience in crisis intervention
  • Registration with the appropriate, applicable professional designation will be required.
  • An understanding and spiritual practices as it relates to “Treat the Whole Person” under the Guiding Principles of Naturopathic Medicine.
  • We’re looking for a candidate with demonstrated ability to use a variety of evidenced based methodology which may include: knowledge of behavioural models, cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, mindfulness approaches, social referencing, acceptance and commitment therapy, EMDR
  • Ability to work evenings to 7:00 p.m. where needed

Position summary:

The Counselor will provide counseling, psychotherapy, crisis intervention, coaching and emotional support to the Students of the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine.

Responsibilities and duties:

  1. Counseling, psychotherapy, coaching and debriefing
    • Provide emotional support to the range of issues for students
    • Working from a professional orientation, deliver counseling that treats the underlying cause rather than managing or suppressing symptoms.
    • Deliver counseling and psychotherapy that takes into account physical, mental, emotional, genetic, environmental, social and spiritual factors.
    • Where counseling or psychotherapy is not required, provide one to one coaching and/or debriefing.
    • Deliver lunch and learns to students, as well as assist with student Orientation and assist with the grad retreat.
    • The ability to write comprehensive assessments and maintain appropriate clinical/client/administrative records is required.
  2. Crisis Intervention
    • Provide immediate emotional support, stabilize clients and develop appropriate coping and action plans.
    • Refer clients to appropriate resources within the Institute and the local community.
  3. Leadership
    • Where appropriate, provide support, organizational guidance and leadership to students. This includes modeling an open and supportive attitude and practicing healthy communication skills.
    • Practice and model the principles of Patient-Centred Care and healthy relationships in all interactions, including maintaining appropriate personal, professional and emotional boundaries.
    • Being conscious of all dimensions of personal experience and understanding how they inter-relate to personal and professional relationships. Model, counsel and coach members towards an appropriate balance of these dimensions.
    • Model daily functioning of the highest possible level through proper nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, and positive emotions, thoughts and actions.
    • As a potential steward for the well-being of the Boucher Community, practice and model a warm and tender sense of compassion, joy and equanimity.

Interested applicants should send their resume and cover letter to HR Manager at Boucher Naturopathic Institute at hr@binm.org