1. Completion of Grade 12 
  2. Knowledge of routine building and equipment maintenance and minor repair tasks.
  3. Ability to understand and follow non-complex oral and written instructions.
  4. Ability to deal courteously and effectively with co-workers and the public.
  5. Ability to stand for long periods of time.
  6. Ability to walk or run for long periods of time
  7. Able to able to push, pull and lift 25lbs


Under the direction of the Facilities Coordinator, performs a variety of skilled and semi-skilled tasks related to building service work for the upkeep of a safe, clean and healthy living and working environment.



  • Carry out minor maintenance and repairs to defects within the building. This may include smaller painting and repair jobs.
  • Assist contractors on site as required 
  • Perform routine/weekly facilities check 
  • Report any problems to the Facilities Coordinator and or the Property manager
  • Dispose of cardboard boxes in dumpster

Supplies and Equipment

  • Monitor  all materials and supplies required for minor repairs, and maintenance and  give orders to Facilities Coordinator in a timely fashion
  • Ensure that all equipment is in good working order and report needs for servicing to the Facilities Coordinator

Classroom and Clinic 

  • Moving furniture, equipment and supplies as requested
  • Monitor storage space
  • Assist in removal of unwanted items

Building Security

  • Ensure that all doors are dept closed and all exterior doors close and latch correctly.
  • Report any broken or cracked windows to the Facilities Coordinator
  • Report any persons who are loitering, in need of medical assistance, trespassing
  • Call in emergent issues to the local PD or EMS 

Organizational responsibilities

  • Participate as a constructive member of the Boucher’s administrative team to achieve the stated mission and goals of the Institute.
  • Communicate in a positive, regular and timely manner with the supervisor regarding all matters concerning personal performance in the context of this job description and fulfillment of the Institute’s goals and objects.
  • Carry out all projects and duties as assigned on a timely basis.
  • Maintain confidentiality of all matters entrusted to this position.

Note: this is an 8 hour, one a week (during regular business hours) position for approximately 40 weeks. Rate of pay: $20/hr

Career Application