Crave Beauty & Wellness Lab is a new concept of medical spa, with a team of top naturopathic doctors, MD Injector and beauty connoisseurs in the Edmonton area, who are obsessed with providing top tier medical technology and cosmetic treatments. We like to think of our concept as the best of both worlds; by combining modalities, we are truly able to address concerns by offering both internal and external treatments that work in conjunction to achieve beauty, health, and wellness goals more effectively.

Crave Beauty & Wellness Lab is Edmonton’s first luxury vitamin IV drip lounge accommodating five patients per hour with access to an LPN for administering IV if required.

We also have a private room set up and furnished for taking patients in for consultations.

We will consider an ND who works at another practice in addition to ours.

We currently have space to bring on one additional ND to our team on a part-time or full-time basis. We are looking for a motivated, self-directed, flexible ND to be apart of our growing clinic.

This role offers:

  • Ongoing patient referral
  • Social media marketing + website feature with SEO provided
  • Office space + access to run Vitamin IV lounge
  • Positive and uplifting working environment
  • Mentoring and supervision available by an ND if needed

If interested, please contact Shaundra Waddell (