A new interdisciplinary lymphatic health clinic is opening up near Vancouver General
Hospital. We are creating a diverse community of healthcare providers that all have the
same goal of learning from and supporting each other so that we can provide the best
health care to our patients as a team.

$75/ half day on weekdays and $90/ full day on weekends will give you access to:

● A chance to work in a multi-disciplinary setting. (We already have massage
therapy, physiotherapy, acupuncture, osteopathy and more.)
● Access to the online booking and charting system
● Limited front desk support

With a practice focusing on lymphatic health you will be seeing a wide variety of
clientele; from people preparing for or recently recovering from surgery to the
lymphatically challenged (cancer, autoimmune, primary lymphedema, etc.)

The clinic will open January 2020. Now is the time to sign up. Get your foot in the door
at the very beginning and get your choice in days. There are only 5 treatment rooms
available. The first therapists to start / move their practice get the best chance to have
the days, times and room of their choice.

If interested please contact Denise Drisdelle RMT at denisedr@telus.net