Dr. Jordan Dutton

Dr. Jordan Dutton ND

Clinic Faculty

If given the right tools, I truly believe in the power of the body to heal it-self, just as it can also cause severe disharmony, if given the wrong tools. The intimate relationship between the biochemical, physical and emotional body are key to finding a healthy balance and utmost well being, especially when life is often busy and chaotic.

I have a passion for working with women at all stages of life and with all health concerns. Since I was a young teen, I’ve often found females seeking advice and help during deeply personal crisis. I aim to create a safe and healing space where it is okay to explore all aspects of a person’s well being.

I grew up being told I would become a healer by my relatives and it turns out they were right! I have a passion for anything and everything natural, but also for untangling the intricacy of our needs as humans when we fall ill or simply just don’t feel well. I myself have suffered the depths of chronic illness and have found my way back to health, so I understand that constant and frustrating struggle my patients face on a daily basis. From my personal journey, I’ve learned to have a realistic view on progress rather than expecting perfection; to pay attention to the details but constantly be reminded of the bigger picture. Optimal health depends on the willingness of the patient and the quality of their team. I aim to inspire, coach and inform my patients along their journey to wellness.

Originally from Calgary, AB, I was an avid ski racer and snowboarder in my youth as well as a competitive dancer for 13 years, a yoga instructor in my 20’s, and believe profoundly in the power of movement. I’ve studied with energetic healers, MD’s, ND’s, Doulas, Midwives, Physiotherapists; and believe just as much in the power of the mind and the subtleties surrounding us that affect our wellbeing on a profound level.

When I’m not working in partnership to heal others, I can be found silversmithing and boosting my creativity, spending time with my 3 dogs, creating healthy foods, working on puzzles, enjoying a weekend camping, gardening, spending time with my loved ones or attending my favorite yoga classes.