Dr. Sarah Beasleigh

Dr. Sarah Beasleigh B.Sc.(Pharm.), ND

Executive Director/Provost

Dr. Beasleigh is currently the Executive Director and Provost and she oversees campus operations and the naturopathic medical program at the Boucher Campus. Dr. Beasleigh completed her Bachelors of Science in pharmacy at the University of Toronto and graduated from the CCNM in 2000. She practiced as a pharmacist and naturopathic physician in Ontario and BC for many years. Dr. Beasleigh became a clinical faculty member at Boucher in 2002. After taking time off to raise her son, Dr. Beasleigh returned as a clinical faculty member in 2008 and was promoted to Dean of Clinical Studies in 2009.  Dr. Beasleigh values mindfulness and the role of connection, authenticity and vulnerability in healing communities.