Kristin Konieczny

Kristin Konieczny MA, CCC


Kristin Konieczny is a counsellor working in both private and public educational settings. From a relational, person centered approach, she seeks to understand and highlight the strength and courage that has brought clients to where they are today, and then applies creative ways to help clients explore the complex nuances in their memories, stories and experiences. To that end, Kristin is aligned with the therapeutic philosophy of existential analysis, and draws from emotion-focused, and mindfulness based approaches. Apart from Kristin’s experience as a clinical counselor, she is also an avid outdoor enthusiast, has a special interest in kinesiology, sport and health psychology, and draws from her prior experience as an elite athlete. If you are interested in participating in counselling services uniquely tailored to your specific goals, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Kristin to book an appointment either through email or at