Our Goals

The Boucher team aims to to attract and retain the most highly qualified candidates to our naturopathic program. We design a challenging, research-driven curriculum for our student body so they are always on the forefront of naturopathic developments. We strive to promote the naturopathic profession, and to communicate the importance of truly integrative, preventative care.

Boucher’s Corporate Sponsorship program builds alliances between the next generation of naturopathic doctors and sustainably-minded businesses and individuals. Our sponsor’s contributions advance our educational programming, update our learning environment, and support the student-wellness initiatives – core to the teachings of the naturopathic practices.

British Columbia: The Heart of Naturopathic Practice

British Columbia boasts the scope of naturopathic practice in Canada. At Boucher, we’re committed to supporting and growing this scope to ensure the success of our students and graduates, and the patients that we know can benefit from naturopathic treatment.

Corporate sponsorships with Boucher exhibit your brand to a highly relevant audience. By sponsoring Boucher, our students, practicing physicians, faculty and staff have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the efficacy of your product. The leave our program as highly trained purveyors of what you offer. Your investment in the Boucher program gives you the opportunity to cultivate an informed relationship with our future doctors.

Partner with Us

At Boucher, we aim to change the face of healthcare in British Columbia. We advocate for naturopathic medicine, for our graduates, and for products and services we believe in. The support of our corporate sponsors helps us advance our ambitious agenda as we invest in the development of a more sustainable healthcare industry and the success of our alumni. We deeply appreciate your support, and look forward to further cooperation in the future.

With gratitude,
Michael Schanz, President