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The Boucher Naturopathic Students’ Association (BNSA)

boucher naturopathic students association

The Boucher Naturopathic Students’ Association (BNSA) is a registered society which is governed by the Society Act of British Columbia. The BNSA acts as the voice of the student body at the Boucher Institute. All students are members.

BNSA Council Meetings are held once a month in the boardroom. All BNSA positions are up for election every spring at the BNSA Annual General Meeting.

The BNSA organizes a number of student initiatives and events, organizes informational speaker series, manages campus clubs, and actively recruits and encourages Boucher students to get involved with student life on campus.

Student Clubs

The Anatomy Club

This club consists of physical medicine enthusiasts who would like to review anatomy and physical medicine learning material. Committed to building a strong foundation of anatomical skills, this is a great club to help boost your confidence as a practitioner. The Anatomy Club is an opportunity for students in first and second years who have little prior anatomy experience to review concepts with students who have a solid background in anatomy and biomechanics. Students also practice clinical skills like fracture screens, orthopaedic tests, deep tendon reflexes, range of motions, and even MSK patient intakes.

The Bowen Therapy Club

the bowen therapy club

Bowen Therapy is a gentle, manual bodywork technique. This technique stimulates the body’s ability to heal itself of a variety of physical ailments, such as MSK pain, digestive, respiratory, and gynecological issues. The Bowen Club allows members to hone their Bowen Therapy skill set and allows students to experience its powerful effects for free. The club also invites seasoned Bowen practitioners to give guest-lectures about how it can be incorporated into naturopathic practice.

The Herb Club

Boucher Herb Club

The Herb Club aims to elevate the practical understanding of botanical medicine. The club supports local botanical medicine events, by inviting guest-speakers on herbalism, guided forest and foraging walks, herbal-medicine classes, documentary screenings, and trips to local botanical gardens. The mission of the Herb Club is to help provide and integrate a deeper and more practical understanding of botanical medicine for the students of Boucher. Hosting botanical medicine-related events, guest speakers on herbalism, guided forest walks, medicine making programs, documentaries as well as trips to local botanical gardens (including our very own Boucher Herb Garden, UBC, Van Dusen Gardens, & Chanchal’s farm) are some of the activities that take place.

Natural Doctors International (NDI)

The NDI student club also functions as the Vancouver Chapter of the global NDI Organization. The NDI program gives students the opportunity to practice the tenets of teamwork, communication, networking, and fundraising in a professional community, and to promote naturopathy in the global health community.

The NDI Club takes an annual volunteer trip and Global Health Course in Nicaragua. Students work alongside holistic health practitioners in the local NDI clinic where they have the opportunity to log clinical experience, conduct physical exams, collaborate with registered naturopaths on treatment plans, prepare and dispense natural remedies, and shadow resident practitioners in the focus of their choice.



This club aims to promote physical activity as a part of a healthy life. Started in 2009, the club hosts and participates in community events such as the Vancouver Sun Run, Victoria Marathon, Tough Mudder, and Vancouver Marathon – complete with their own jerseys.

Sports Medicine Club

The Sports Medicine club aims to promote education, research, and therapeutics in the pursuit of holistic, optimized health and human performance. The club requires members to apply naturopathic modalities to help club members maximize their athletic performance. The club organizes training courses, organizes guest lecturers, and participating in studies that are available to the entire student body.

Yoga Club

boucher yoga club

Boucher’s Yoga Club gives students of all yogic-experience levels access to a variety of yoga styles and traditional yoga teachings. Whether it’s poses, breathing techniques, or meditation – the yoga club helps students and members partake a more conscious and mindful community.

Wellness Club

Boucher Wellness Club is a collaborative effort between Student Services and the student body to ensure student wellness & wellbeing throughout this program. Each cohort has a wellness representative who is in charge of supporting the health and wellbeing of their class. The club goals are to monitor and encourage the wellbeing of each cohort in order to provide a safe, fun, supportive environment that aids in dealing with the school year stressors. With keeping both mental and physical struggles of our peers in mind, inside and outside of the classroom, we aim to create opportunities that make our time at Boucher easier. The Wellness Club’s goal is to help with the wellness of each and every student to make their journey at Boucher as enjoyable as possible.