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Student Life

Students, staff and faculty of the Boucher Institute are proud of our interactive, inclusive and caring learning community. With a relatively small student population of less than 200 our staff and faculty know our students by name. Such a close-knit community fosters incredible school spirit. Students care about the wellbeing of their peers while faculty and staff can offer immediate and personalized support to ensure learners are given the tools for success.

Benefits of learning at Boucher:

Small Class Sizes: Keeping our student population and  class sizes small offers unparalleled opportunities for individualized learning.

Collaborative Student Community: Students encourage and support one another throughout their education and maintain an ongoing supportive relationship throughout their careers.

Accessible Faculty and Staff: Our open door policy makes it easy for students to get the support and information they need.

Committed Student Association: The Boucher Institute has a dynamic and engaged study body led by the Boucher Naturopathic Students’ Association (BNSA).  The BNSA is the voice of the student body at Boucher and is active in organizing many student clubs, events and activities throughout the year and encourages Boucher students to get involved in student life on campus.

Supportive Student Services Team: Our department of eight is dedicated to supporting the student experience through essential services such as counseling, meditation, advising, financial aid and awards, social events, sporting activities, retreats and much more. New students are provided a one-of-a-kind orientation experience that provides a practical, realistic and inspired understanding of our community

Convenient Campus Location and Services: The Boucher Institute is conveniently located just steps from the Columbia sky train station and is near restaurants, coffee shops, stores, parks, gyms and more. On campus, we have a parent resources room, quiet space, naturopathic clinic, library, and several student lounges.

My experience at Boucher has been better than I expected. The community is incredibly close knit and supportive. The amount that I have learned in the past few years is incredible, and every day I go to class I become more excited and more passionate about the profession.

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I chose Boucher because it’s located in one of the most beautiful places in the world! The proximity to the ocean and the mountains allows for the freedom to balance time spent in the classroom with getting out in nature and exploring all that BC has to offer.

Lauren Crape

Boucher Faculty

Our core and research faculty work year round to develop the courses and programs that form your education and are dedicated to providing high quality education both in and out of the classroom.

Our adjunct faculty is a diverse group of skilled professionals that bring with them years of experience in a wide range of fields and disciplines.

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