The Boucher Naturopathic Students' Association

Opportunities to Get Involved on Campus

logoThe Boucher Institute has a dynamic and engaged study body led by the Boucher Naturopathic Students’ Association (BNSA). Founded in 2003, the BNSA is the voice of the student body at Boucher and is active in organizing many student events and activities throughout the year. They encourage Boucher students to get involved in student life on campus! The BNSA is a registered society which is governed by the Society Act of British Columbia and our own BNSA By-Laws.

The BNSA Council meets on a monthly basis and holds their Annual General Meeting and Election every May. They currently consist of 25 enthusiastic Boucher students who work hard to represent you in different aspects of #boucherlife



The Anatomy Club is a group of physical medicine enthusiasts that get together for one hour of anatomy and physical medicine review each week! They practice the basics to help solidify knowledge and understanding of the body. Whether it is review of bony landmarks or practicing orthopedic tests, this group is committed to helping you build your foundational skills and boost your confidence as a practitioner.


The Boucher Bowen Therapy Club is dedicated to learning about Bowen Therapy, a gentle manual bodywork that stimulates the body’s ability to heal itself of a variety of conditions including MSK pain, digestive, respiratory, and gynecological issues. The club offers anyone in the Boucher community (students, faculty and staff) an opportunity to experience a Bowen session firsthand while Bowen trained students hone their skills. Guest lecture from seasoned Bowen practitioners will allow students to see how the modality can be part of an effective naturopathic medical practice.


The mission of the Herb Club is to help provide a deeper and more practical understanding of botanical medicine to the students of Boucher. This is accomplished through support of local botanical medicine events, guest speakers on herbalism, guided forest walks, medicine making programs, documentaries and audio recordings and trips to local botanical gardens.


NDI is a student run club that functions as the local Vancouver Chapter of the larger NDI Organization. NDI provides students with an opportunity to practice and utilize team work, communication, networking, and teaching skills as they fundraise and build awareness around global health in the community.

The NDI Club experience culminates in a volunteer trip and ten day Global Health Course in Nicaragua, where students work alongside holistic health practitioners in the local non-profit NDI Clinic. During the trip, students log several hours of clinical experience conducting physical exams, collaborating with Naturopathic Doctors on treatment plans, preparing and dispensing natural remedies, and shadowing resident physical therapists and psychologists.

Through service, education and community partnerships, NDI aims to increase the role of Naturopathic Medicine in the delivery of global health care, and promote holistic health care for all on a global level.


The NDorphins are a team of students that promote physical activity through participation in community events. The team was started in 2009 and initially included events like the Vancouver Marathon and the Vancouver Sun Run, completed in home made jerseys!

Over the years, the team has become more professional and expanded to include events further away, like the Victoria Marathon series and Tough Mudder.


The Boucher Sports Medicine Club is a student run organization aimed at promoting education, research, and therapeutics towards the naturopathic pursuit of optimized health and human performance.

The scope of the club reflects the desire of its members to apply naturopathic modalities for the purpose of maximizing athletic performance. The Sports Medicine Club enriches the Boucher community by organizing training courses, participating in research and hosting guest lecturers.


The Boucher Yoga Club provides students of all levels with access to a variety of yoga styles and traditional yoga teachings. Practicing postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), and meditation (dhyana), the Yoga Club helps to build a conscious and mindful community on campus.


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