Student Support

Take advantage of the amenities available to students today!


Student Services is pleased to offer free personal counselling to Boucher students and recent graduates. Our team of three counsellors stand ready to assist if you or someone close to you is encountering difficulty and this is impacting your ability to work or be successful at BINM. The Counselling Department is here to support you to become the best Naturopathic Doctor possible.


The Boucher Wellness Program is a collaborative effort between Student Services and the student body. Each cohort appoints a wellness representative who is charged with supporting the health and well-being of their class. Cohort wellness reps help promote a safe, fun and inclusive learning environment both inside and outside of the classroom. People make wellness choices to help moderate the natural stressors of life.

These choices may include how one relates cognitively, emotionally, and behaviourly to individual situations in order to ensure a more balanced lifestyle. This program strives to promote a student body that is more aware of the inherent stress of learning in a medical program environment and are able to make the most appropriate personal choices to meet these demands.


Boucher boasts a state of the art onsite naturopathic medical clinic that students and their families are able to access free of charge. Each student is also able to apply for up to four discount-memberships for extended family and friends.

Our students also enjoy complimentary massage appointments at the West Coast College of Massage Therapy (WCCMT), located two blocks from the Boucher campus.

Boucher students are also eligible to apply for extended health coverage offered by Great-West Life.* Registration for this plan is optional. This plan offers Boucher students affordable extended health coverage that typically costs less than a family or employee plan and includes benefits specifically valuable to students. The ComboPlus – Starter Plan offers benefits such as:

  • Prescription medication and ambulance service (including air service) – No deductible
  • Dental care (e.g. cleanings, scalings, fillings and examinations) – No deductible or waiting period to start enjoying dental benefits
  • Medical supplies (e.g. mobility aids, diabetic equipment, diagnostic lab and x-ray services)
  • Vision benefits
  • Hearing benefits
  • In-home nursing care and paramedical services (e.g naturopath, chiropractor, physiotherapist, psychologist, acupuncturist) as well as other health professionals
  • Emergency Travel coverage
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance
  • Survivor benefits and more

*Please note that this health coverage plan is administered by Great-West Life, not the Boucher Institute.

Peer mentorship

In order to ensure that new students feel welcome and are well integrated into the community, upper-year students may sign up to coach and mentor 1st-year level students. They support new students as they integrate into the program and the community.

“If you want to pursue medicine at Boucher, you will never regret it! ...The staff, the students, the school activities, the location, the material – everything makes you feel proud of studying to become an ND!”

Khushvar Dhaliwal, ND candidate 2019

Quiet Space

The “quiet space” can be found in the counselling office. It is open to all students who would like to relax and take a break from their busy lives on campus.

This space is meant for quiet reflection where individuals can be with themselves without feeling any obligation to interact with others. We ask individuals taking advantage of this space to refrain from eating, sleeping, studying or talking whilst there.

The quiet space is open Monday to Friday 6:30am to 10:00pm and Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays from 7:00am to 7:00pm.

*Campus is temporarily closed due to COVID-19.


We offer a free, one-hour on-campus meditation session with a qualified facilitator each week. Students are encouraged to attend these sessions in order to take a moment for self-care and grounding to restore themselves and better meet the challenges of medical school.

Passport to Success

Boucher is committed to students’ success in the program and to encourage their community connection. A great way to foster success is to become involved on campus and take part in various co-curricular activities offered by the school.

To support this, Boucher offers first year students the “Passport to Success” program. This program is designed to encourage students an opportunity to become more engaged in their overall experience at Boucher. Students earn passport success stamps by attending 10 or more different events or workshops during their first term. Students who hand in their completed passport to the Student Services Department will receive a gift bag filled with samples of the many supplements that they will be learning about during their time here at Boucher. In addition, they will be invited to our exclusive Passport to Success luncheon held at the end of the first term of school.

Town Hall Meetings

Student input is a welcome and necessary part of our continuous improvement process as it relates to the ND program. Town Hall meetings are held once a term and are a great opportunity for all Boucher community members to participate in a feedback process and hear upcoming news from Boucher administration and other students.

Student Liaison Meetings

The Boucher Naturopathic Students Association (BNSA) initiated Student Liaison Meetings to provide an opportunity for Boucher students to connect with administration in an open and cooperative forum.

These meetings were created as a platform for both students and administration to discuss “all things Boucher” in a collaborative manner so that questions, feedback, and/or concerns could be addressed in a timely matter and information would be communicated via appropriate and action-oriented channels.

Meeting members include:

  • BINM President, Provost, Executive Assistant, Chief Financial Officer, Facilities Coordinator, IT Specialist, Librarian
  • Dean of Student Services, Dean of Education, Associate Deans
  • BNSA President, BNSA Vice-President, Board of Governors Representative, and Class Representatives from each cohort