Our Team

Adjunct Faculty

Our diverse and skilled faculty bring with them years of experience in a wide range of fields and disciplines. Learn from the best of the best both in the classroom and in the clinic.

  • Dr. Jordan Dutton ND

    Clinic Faculty
  • Dr. Heather Van Der Geest ND

    Manual Therapies
  • Dr. Kathryn Harbun

    Research III, Clinic Faculty
  • Dr. Nik Vizniak BSc, DC, ERYT

    Naturopathic Manipulation, Physical Medicine
  • Dr. Amber Eckel DC

    Anatomy, Naturopathic Manipulation
  • Dr. Bobby Parmar ND

  • Dr. Jamie de Melo ND

    Clinic faculty
  • Dr. Krista Moyer ND

    Clinic faculty, Nutrition
  • Dr. Margret Holland ND

    Clinic faculty
  • Katolyn Yardley Medical Herbalist

    Botanical Medicine
  • Dr. Rebecca Stephens DrTCM

  • Dr. Drew Jamieson ND

    Anatomy, Naturopathic Manipulation
  • Dr. Robyn Land ND

    Physical Medicine
  • Dr. Alicia Mazari-Andersen PhD

    Microbiology I-II
  • Dr. Brian Gluvic ND

  • Dr. Cathy Carlson-Rink ND

  • Chanchal Cabrera MNIMH, AGH

    Botanical Medicine
  • Evelyn Coggins MHS, RH(AHG)

    Botanical Medicine II, IV
  • Janelle Petrescue RMT

    Soft Tissue Mobilizations
  • Dr. Majid Doroudi PhD

  • Dr. Michael Tassone ND

    Public Health, Physical Medicine I, II
  • Dr. Nathalie Allen ND

    Homeopathy I-II
  • Dr. Rebecca Pitfield ND

  • Dr. Sanja Tamburic ND

    History & Philosophy II
  • Dr. Stefan Kuprowsky ND

    Clinical Ecology, History & Philosophy III, Dermatology, NCAS VI
  • Dr. Tanja White ND

    Nutrition IV