Would you like the opportunity to be part of a like-minded, innovative team?

Thuja Wellness is an integrative health clinic on West 8th Avenue and Hemlock Street Vancouver. We specialize in women’s health – Unexplained Infertility, Pregnancy & Birth Preparation, Postpartum Recovery & chronic pain.

Why Join Thuja Wellness?

1. We have a Niche. Though we will not limit the work you do, we have a fertility and birth preparation niche. This niche allows us to become experts in the field. Our patients will seek us out. Our niche will ensure a team of like-minded practitioners.

2. We encourage a culture of growth and entrepreneurship. A culture of continued education. A culture of community.

3. Our location is excellent. The space is clean and modern, warm and inviting. We are very convenient for our patients in a densely populated area and easy access by car or transit.

4. We believe in true practitioner integration where we collaborate with one another monthly to enhance patient outcomes.

5. We promote ongoing education, not just in our field but also in business. We provide ongoing business support and coaching to help encourage your entrepreneurial goals.

Practitioner Responsibilities & Duties

Excellent patient care
Collaboration between other practitioners with different professional backgrounds during monthly meetings
Maintain patient consultation and treatment notes
Maintain yearly Business License
Maintain Professional Indemnity Insurance
Maintain good standing within your association
Continued Professional Development
Qualifications and skills

Accredited Certificate in Naturopathic Medicine
Member of your Professional Association
Minimum 1 year experience as a practitioner
Familiarity with Jane App a plus
Excellent communication and problem-solving skills
Team player
Ability to listen, learn and grow

Contract length: 12 months

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Contract

Closing deadline: 09/01/2021

If interested, please contact info@thujawellness.com.