Dr. Karrin Fairman-Young

Dr. Karrin Fairman-Young ND

Associate Dean of Clinical Studies and Chief Medical Officer

Dr Karrin Fairman-Young(Dr KFY), is the Chief Medical Officer and
Associate Dean Clinical Studies at The Boucher Naturopathic Medical
Clinic. She obtained her Bachelor of Physical Education in 1993 and
spent the next 12 years as a sports massage therapist. After graduating
from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2004, she
practiced in Ontario, Alberta and now is a primary care physician in
Vancouver, B.C.. In addition to overseeing the clinical education
program, Dr KFY supervises third and fourth year clinicians, providing
support and insight to patient care and empowering patients to reach
their health potential. Dr. Fairman-Young has additional certifications in
acupuncture, IV therapy, and prescribing rights in B.C..