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Sponsorship packages have a 1 year term from the date of signing up.


Sponsorship Package Details:

1. Student Rep

Permission to hire a student representative for the purpose of promoting the Sponsor’s literature and information, products, events and services.

A.Sponsor provides a written notice to the BINM Development Coordinator indicating that they wish to engage a student representative, a job description, and information on how to contact the Sponsor.
B. BINM circulates the job description to the student body and posts the notice on the sponsorship wall.
C. Sponsor is responsible for interviewing, selecting and determining the terms and conditions for holding the position of student representative for the Sponsor. This agreement must comply with the BINM Policies, Procedures and student representative program guidelines.
D. Student must notify the BINM Development Coordinator before acting as the Sponsor’s student representative and must comply with all the BINM rules and guidelines regarding student activity on or around campus.
E. Sponsor must notify the BINM Development Coordinator the name of the student they have engaged as student representative and of any changes in representative positions throughout the contract.

2. Advertising on Vendor Wall
An 8.5” x 11” acrylic frame, placed on the Boucher Institute Sponsorship Wall, for advertisements of the Sponsor’s choice to be filled by the Sponsor’s student representative at the direction of the Sponsor.

3. Brown Bag Lunches or Product Booth
Opportunity for the Sponsor’s Student Representative to host, advertise and act as spokesperson for three (3) Bring Your Own Bag Lunch Information Sessions or Lunchtime Exclusive Vendor Booths.

The purpose of these events should be to promote and inform the BINM Community about the Sponsor’s products and services only.

4. Password Protect Vendor Area on eCampus
Designated area on BINM eCampus accessible by students for display of educational and academic information relating to the Sponsor’s products and services.

It is the Sponsor’s responsibility to ensure that accurate and up-to-date information is provided to Boucher.

5. On Campus Lunchtime Vendor Fair
Fairs are held on campus twice a year over the lunch period and all BIMN students, staff and faculty are invited to attend.

Participation in the Lunchtime Vendor Fair needs to be organized by the Student Representative.

6. Permission to Sell Wholesale on Campus

Permission to sell products directly to our students, staff and faculty at wholesale cost through the Sponsor’s student representative, as part of the Student Supplement Program, and abiding by all BINM rules regarding that program.

A. Products must be shipping to BINM reception as follows:

Student representative’s name, 230-435 Columbia St, New Westminster BC V3L 5N8

B. The sale and distribution of products must not involve BINM in any way.

7. Lunch and Learns
Sponsor may host Lunch & Learn Presentationfor BINM students, faculty, and staff where they may promote or educate participants regarding the Sponsor’s products or services.

The following policies and procedures must be applied:
A. Room booking will be done by the Sponsor’s student representative via the BINM room booking process.
B. Attendance and support for the event will be organized, managed, and executed by the Sponsor’s student representative.
C. Lunch will be provided to the participants by the Sponsor at no cost to participants or BINM.

8. Presidential Advisory Board Member
Sponsor may participate in the Presidential Advisory Board which meets on an as-needed basis (at least twice a year).

The purpose of the Advisory Board is to act as a sounding board and advisor to the President in a variety of areas and help guide decision making.

9. Day Long Educational Vendor Fair
Sponsor is invited to participate in annual day long vendor fair where students will be permitted to miss a portion of their classes for the day in order to spend time getting to know the sponsor companies and their products.

10. Website Link on Featured Sponsor Landing Page
The sponsor’s company logo and a link to their website will be posted on a dedicated sponsorship page on our website.